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Owner/Trainer, Melissa Trainer, Ariela
The Owner, Melissa

Melissa was born in Camarillo, California.  As a child she participated in competitive sports including gymnastics, track & field, swimming and diving.  She graduated from Rio Mesa High School in Oxnard, California, then received a Bachelor's degree in Liberal Studies from California Lutheran University.  Melissa holds a Master’s degree in education and a multiple subject teaching credential from CLU. She taught elementary school for three years from 2007 to 2010.


Though she had been a casual gym-goer since the age of thirteen, Melissa was mostly sedentary in her early 20's... until the fitness bug bit her hard!  When a popular group exercise instructor told her, “You’re good, you should teach fitness classes”, and then offered to mentor her, it didn’t take long before Melissa was teaching her own classes.  Melissa made a career change from teacher to fitness instructor over the course of a year, and began racking up instructor certifications that, to date, include Turbo Kick, Indoor Cycling, Yoga, Zumba, Body Pump, and Pilates.  Melissa’s career in the fitness industry further evolved when she became a National Academy of Sport Medicine (NASM) certified personal trainer, and quickly became an in-demand, top-seller at a major chain-gym.  Melissa later enrolled in and graduated from the Kali Institute of Massage and became a licensed massage practitioner.


As her career progressed, Melissa discovered a hidden talent and passion for running.  The conditioning from her fitness instruction enabled Melissa to run six miles non-stop on her very first run, place in several Southern California half-marathons and 5K’s, and even qualify for the Boston Marathon with a time of 3:29:40 after only her first marathon race!  Melissa's current personal records include a 3:00 Marathon, a 1:23 Half-Marathon, an 18:02 5K, and a 5:26 mile.


Since beginning her active lifestyle, Melissa has lost 25 pounds and gotten into the best shape of her life.  Her favorite part of being a personal trainer is seeing her clients succeed in meeting their fitness goals.  Melissa opened Rocksteady Fitness in October 2011 as a way to share her passion for fitness with those who are serious about getting in shape once and for all.  Melissa’s advice to those who want to get in shape?  “Have an exercise plan and stick to it! If you stay consistent, you’ll meet all of your goals.”

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